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Soul available, will sell for sleep
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8th-May-2009 05:18 am - *Dusts off the el jay*
the walking beanbag
Holy crap it's been forever since I posted here.  What do I even put?!  Maybe I'll just leave this as an 'I'm posting again! After forever!" post and then my next one won't have the burden of being the first in two years and can be totally trivial crap. *nods decisively, posts*
28th-Jun-2007 06:59 pm(no subject)
the walking beanbag
Things I have done since my last entry:

Graduated college ( = much yay)

Got so drunk I threw up <- for the first time ever ( = much non-yay)

Acquired a job in Japan ( = much relieved yay)

Turned 23 ( = kinda yay)

Watched so much Korean tv I can now say 'hello' 'thank you' 'brother' and 'victory' in Korean ( = undeniable yay)

Read lots and lots of fanfic ( = par for the course yay)

In conclusion: yes, it is actually possible to get bored of being lazy. Dammit.
27th-Apr-2007 02:45 pm - Holy Crap!!!
the walking beanbag
Oh my god I finished it. I seriously don't believe it. It might take the rest of the week to sink in.
And now to sleep. God, wonderful sleep, how I have missed you...
24th-Apr-2007 11:35 pm - This looked cool...
the walking beanbag
5th-Mar-2007 12:34 pm - Things I did over the weekend
the walking beanbag
Parties gone to: 2
Scandalous dresses worn: 1
Alcoholic drinks consumed: 5 1/2
Times I warned friends I have no rhythm: 3
Times I tried to do the bump and grind with them anyway: lost count. Highly humiliating number anyway.
Beer cans thrown that landed on my head: 1 (whether this was the desired result is unknown)
Times I introduced myself in formal Japanese to my teacher's teacher as 'I think I'm___' instead of 'I am called__': 1 (this was mostly the fault of a classmate I was talking to beforehand mentioning she was nervous about making this mistake, which I then did and she did not. Bitch. ;P)
Words written on thesis topic: 200.
Bowls of SpecialK consumed at non-morning hours: over 5.

Well, that was certainly a highly productive weekend. And my mother's always asking me if I'm staying on schedule. Pfft.
6th-Feb-2007 08:44 pm - omg is ded of cute
the walking beanbag
4th-Nov-2006 12:27 am - Dear Secret Santa
the walking beanbag
Hey, totally forgot about this thing until I checked my email a few minutes ago, so if you've been and gone sorry I missed you. If you're still wondering about my tastes though, I'll elaborate a bit. I like Deep Emotional Bonds, but hate it when they pop up for no discernible reason (soulmates I'm looking at you). I find Mpreg, cross-dressing, BDSM, and chan squicky to varying degrees, but care not whether a story is het, slash, threesome, or gen (I admit to having a leaning toward slash, but I'm by no means exclusive). Other than that, honestly, write whatever feels right, I'm happy with anything that comes under the label 'present'. Good luck!
the walking beanbag
...or actually I did, but I didn`t think I would be alive to see it. I am finished. Over, done with, owari, ijyou desu. I have no idea how to describe how I`m feeling now, it`s all mixed up. I`m happy I don`t have to do anymore homework or take anymore tests for...god like 5 months, but on the other hand, this has been a really intense experience for us all and I can`t believe I won`t be seeing everyone everyday anymore. I can`t help but wish we could all stay together, even the people I don`t particularly care for. I guess I`ve come to regard myself as part of this group, and leaving behind that identity is a little wrenching.
But I am happy I`m done. I can actually go to bed early tonight!
And that pathetic sentence is one of the reasons I`m happy to be done.
Anyway, will probably write more in my other journal. Something about typing on this computer makes it hard for me to figure out what to say. (and if anyone reading this makes any smart remarks about me figuring out what to say, I will...do something. When I`m not so tired.
30th-Apr-2005 08:03 pm(no subject)
the walking beanbag
It occurs to me (often), that work is much more appealing in the abstract.
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